John Broadus’ Foundation of Theological Study


In 1850 John Broadus accepted a job as tutor in the home of General Cocke in preparation for his future ministry.  Broadus was to use this time for reflection and preparation so he wrote to a university professor, Reverend J.R. Scott, and requested of him a list of books to serve as a “foundation of theological study.”  This reading list was what A.T. Robertson called the “theological outfit of a young minister.” The complete list is as follows, along with the prices Broadus should anticipate to pay in 1850:

  • Moses Stuart, Critical History and Defense of the Old Testament Canon – $1.25
  • John Kitto, Cyclopedia of Biblical Literature – $6
  • Theology – $10
    • Knapp
    • Turretin
    • “Any of the Genevan Divines”
  • Neander
    • Life of Christ
    • Life of Chrysostom
  • Johann Gieseler, A Text-Book of Church History – $10
  • Robinson and Smith, Biblical Researches in Palestine, Mount Sinai and Arabia Petraea
  • Bibliotheca Sacra 
  • Christian Review, published by Ballard & Colby, New York. – $3 per year
  • S.T. Bloomfield, Greek New Testament with Engl. Notes – $4
  • English Theology
    • Howe
    • Owen
    • South
    • Jer. Taylor
    • Leighton
    • Barrow
    • Joseph Butler
  • William Symington, On the atonement and intercession of Jesus Christ
  • Thomas W. Jenkyn, The Extent of the Atonement
  • Francis Wayland, University Sermons
  • William R. Williams, Miscellanies