An Exhortation to Missions-Minded Giving from the 1894 SBC Annual Meeting

Since 1845, Southern Baptists have cooperated together in the task of the Great Commission through the funding and sending of missionaries around the world.

Today, the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) has approximately 5,000 foreign missionaries. These Southern Baptist missionaries are funded through the generous giving of missions-minded Baptists and their churches through the Cooperative Program (CP). Though the CP was not established until 1925, for 80 years (1845-1925) Southern Baptists funded missionaries through other means of cooperative giving. Some years brought more giving than others and in 1894 B. D. Gray, Chairman of the Home and Foreign Missions Committee, gave a healthy exhortation to Southern Baptists in Dallas, Texas at the SBC Annual Meeting. Continue reading

The 1845 Conference: Why Every Louisiana Baptist Should Attend

Every member of a cooperating church of the Louisiana Baptist Convention (LBC) should make plans to attend the 1845 Conference at Heritage Baptist Church in Shreveport, LA on October 31 – November 2, 2013.

What is the 1845 Conference and why should all Louisiana Southern Baptists attend? The full title of the conference is “The 1845 Conference: A Historic View of Southern Baptist Salvation.” The purpose statement of the conference from the website:

The 1845 Conference exists to declare and affirm the historic and biblical beliefs of Southern Baptists who founded the SBC in 1845 with the intent to fulfill the Great Commission and to establish doctrinally sound churches. Continue reading